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About Perspektif Baru

Presenting fresh dialogue every week since 1996

In 1994 the political television talk show "Perspektif" with the moderator Wimar Witoelar became a hit among viewers. However, the Suharto regime disliked the program and banned it shortly after. Yet only one month after that "Perspektif" re-emerged again, this time on the radio and in newspapers. To this day a weekly radio program on current or basic political questions is being broadcast and reprinted in several Indonesian newspapers.

Freedom of speech, a key to democracy, is guaranteed in 2005. The publication to be introduced now was supported by KAS and emphasizes the role of the "New Perspective" in building the Indonesian democracy: "In the free Indonesian air the 'New Perspective' spreads its wings!"

'Perspektif Baru' (PB) which means 'New Perspectives' is one of a host of public communication programs produced by Yayasan Perspektif Baru (YPB). For a number of years YPB has developed a 30-minute talk show which is broadcast every week to tens and even hundreds of radio stations throughout Indonesia, some by regular subscription and some choosing to broadcast as appropriate.

The transcripts are made available on this website and they also published in 12 newspapers of national as well as local scale. Selections of transcripts have been published in book form, i.e. 'Stealing Clarity from Ambiguity' in 1998 and 'Perspektif Baru Spreads its Wings' in 2005.

Interview topics range from democracy, economics, health, legal matters and other social issues. Wimar Witoelar is the main interviewer and interviews a different guest every week, generally people coming from the ranks of ordinary people but capable of expressing clear views and interesting experiences.

Perspektif Baru seeks to present the views of ordinary people and their angles on various issues. Perspektif represents people who seek democracy but do not always want to demonstrate, people who want to be rich but refuse to be corrupt.

Perspektif Baru has its origins in the Perspektif talk show shown on SCTV in 1994 which was hosted by Wimar Witoelar. Known for its direct delivery, clear insights and soft wit, Perspektif became known as an oasis in the desolation of political pressure in those times. Perspektif was liked by the public but made the Soeharto regime uncomfortable. In 1995 Perspektif was banned with the verdict that its contents were damaging to the Soeharto New Order government.

Wimar then launched the stage show Perspektif Live, which attracted audiences from town to town . Eventually Wimar Witoelar started the interview program Perspektif Baru which had its debut on January 26, 1996 and was later managed by Yayasan Perspektif Baru (YPB).

YPB is a nonprofit organization in the field of public education with the mission to provide balanced information. Its members are communications and public relations practitiioners, major fields of concern for Perspektif Baru.

YPB seeks to provide and distribute information on issues in a format which is pleasantly digestible and easily understood. Although there is a profusion of publications and information programs, YPB finds that the public still encounter imbalance in information, especially in rural areas.

Since 2002 YPB has received the support of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), a German institution, in producing its programs. Besides producing Perspektif Baru radio programs , YPB has participated in socializing of aspects of the general election in 2004. YPB holds seminars, discussions, and journalists training on the elections to ensure that voters are able to exercise their voting rights. YPB also provides technical assistance to several NGOs and social activists in skills training in the field of communication.

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